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CPU Z 1.67

CPU Z 1.67

CPU Z 1.67
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Date added:
13 Oct 2013 
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CPU Z 1.67

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CPU-Z Publisher's description:

from CPUID 

CPU-Z is a detection program base on the Panopsys hardware detection engine. It is a handy and reliable application designed to gather info on some of the main devices of your system.


Another advantage of this automatic scanning is the fact that one can replace various components, then analyze the way their PC works, thus coming up with the best configuration.


One of the best aspects of CPU-Z is that it comes with a freeware license, so every user can enjoy its benefits with no strings attached. The software provides a great amount of detailed information, while still being extremely light on resources, so that it works smoothly even with older machines, providing an impressive range of data.


Cpu-Z gives info on:

· Processor name and vendor
· Core stepping and process
· Processor package
· Processor current core voltage
· Internal and external clocks, clock multiplier
· Partial overclock detection
· Processor features, including supported instructions sets.
· L1 to L3 cache information : location, size, speed, technology.
· Motherboard information : name, vendor, BIOS, chipset, memory, AGP.
· Memory information : size, type, timings, specifications.